Updates for December 2000

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Updated the Alanis discography and lyrics, and BSB and Alanis news, also put up a new Website of the week!!! More updates will come this month, I really hope!!!!


I swear I WILL update more when x-mas break starts! GRR! Anyways yeah I updated the Website of the Week, sorry!!!


Yay! Mid-week update! :) Anyways I updated the Push A Little Harder news and made a couple small changes on that page! :)


Sorry I'm a day behind! More updates will be on their way! I promise! :) :) Anyways YES I updated the Website of The Week, and after neglecting to check the counters for ages, here are the landmarks from the last like month!!: Push A Little Harder @ 15000, Guestbook Sign page @ 2000, Fonts @ 1000, TV Show Poll @ 2000 votes, DC Characters page @ 16000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 50000, 51000, 52000, 53000, 54000, and 55000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 79000 and 80000, Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 6000, Push Characters page @ 5000, Backstreet Boys Lyrics @ 3000, and Thank U Alanis Morissette @ 7000!!!!!!


Hey! I'll be making some big updates in the next few days I hope!!! :) I put up a new website of the week today, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)


Today, on Thank U Alanis Morissette, I put up the lyrics to Thank U Unplugged, Your House Unplugged and Wake Up Live! :) Page landmark: Push Actresses Poll @ 1000 votes.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) I put up the update page for January 2001, which of course means updates on the Fonts and Site Map pages, and I added a Useless fact. That's it for today, all I really have to do is put up a ton of BSB lyrics, and I'll try to do it soon! :)


Yes, you waited for them. A LONG time. But they're HERE. 7 out of the 13 songs from Black and Blue now have lyrics posted!!!!! :) In addition to that (It took a LONG time, PLEASE visit it!), I put up a new Website of the Week! Happy New Year!


I did FOUR more lyrics from Black and Blue (BSB), TWO to go!!!! Grr.... Anyways Page landmark: Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 55000, 56000, and 57000


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